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The Contagion® Antibiotics specialty page provides antibiotics-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


The Challenges of Detecting Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Diagnostic methods make all the difference in efforts against antimicrobial resistance.
Are We a Glutton for Antimicrobial Resistance?
To paraphrase Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, “we are what we eat”—Especially when it comes to antimicrobials and food-producing animals.
Researchers Discover More Strains of <i>Klebsiella</i> Bacteria Cause HAIs Than Previously Thought
A team of researchers discover that Klebsiella pneumoniae is not the only culprit behind life-threatening healthcare-associated infections: there are two other Klebsiella species that share the blame.
Is it Time to Give Inhaled Antibiotics Another Chance?
Lucy B. Palmer, MD, from Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York argues that inhaled antibiotic therapy provides higher drug concentrations of antibiotics with fewer systemic side effects than IV therapy.
Sugars in Breast Milk Found to Have Antibacterial Properties
The results of a new study from Vanderbilt University provide more support for breastfeeding, revealing that sugars in human breast milk can help protect babies from bacterial infections.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of August 13, 2017
A herpes infection leads to deadly viral meningitis in an Iowa infant, an ingestible smart pill that can remind you to take your medications, global catastrophic biological risks, whether or not you should complete the full course of antibiotics, and all you need to know about Candida auris make up this week’s Top 5 articles.
Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea May Have Met Its Match
Reports of increasing cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea are on the rise and in fact, the World Health Organization has designated the infection as high priority as it poses a great public health threat.
Antimicrobial Stewardship in HAP / VAP: A Focus on Duration of Therapy
Reducing overall antibiotic exposure is likely to have an impact on decreasing antimicrobial resistance.
We break down our top HIV news stories of 2017. Did you read them all?