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IAS 2017 Conference

Select coverage from IAS 2017 Conference is included below:

1990s to Today: How Has Generating Interest for the Response to HIV and AIDS Changed?
Jake Glaser discusses how generating interest for the response to HIV and AIDS has changed since the 1990s.
Vaginal Ring Safe HIV Preventive Tool for Adolescents, Study Finds
A phase 2a clinical trial has found the dapivirine vaginal ring to be a safe and acceptable means for HIV prevention in adolescents, who showed notably high adherence when using the ring.
Early Stage HIV Vaccine Regimen Produces Immune Responses Against HIV
The NIH has released the findings of the first of 2 early-stage clinical trials on assessing the safety and effectiveness of HIV candidate vaccinations that support additional development of vaccines.
Oral Truvada Deemed
Phase 2 study finds that the use of daily oral Truvada as a means of HIV prevention is safe and acceptable.
What is the LATTE-2 Trial for HIV Treatment?
Peter Williams, PhD, discusses the LATTE-2 trial for HIV treatment.
What is The Benefit of Darunavir Versus Other HIV Medications?
Magda Opsomer, MD, explains why darunavir may be more beneficial than other HIV medications.
HIV-Infected Child Maintains Remission Without ART Since 2008
Researchers reported at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science that a HIV-infected child who had been treated in infancy has maintained remission without drugs since 2008.
What Makes a Biomedical Implant a Desirable Way to Administer PrEP?
Ariane van der Straten, PhD, MPH, explains the different attributes of administering pre-exposure prophylaxis via a HIV biomedical implant.
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