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Fidaxomicin Well-Tolerated in Pediatric <i>C diff</i> Cases
Prior to this study’s publication, the literature about pediatric C diff infection was limited.
Get Off the SOFA! Introducing the Quick Pitt Bacteremia Score
The quick Pitt Bacteremia Score offers accuracy comparable to the original version's across multiple infections, and maintains ease of use.
Differences in <i>C difficile</i> Diagnostics Blunt the Benefits of Bezlotoxumab
Bezlotoxumab, a human monoclonal anti­body directed against Clostridioides diffi­cile toxin B, is currently indicated for the prevention of recurrent C diffi­cile infection
Entering the Ring: Oral Vancomycin Versus Metronidazole for <i>C difficile</i> Infection and the Risk of Vancomycin-Resistant <i>Enterococcus</i>
In 2017, a guideline update stripped metronidazole of its first-line therapy designation and crowned oral vancomycin as initial therapy for all C difficile infection cases.
Epigenetics Mediates Sporulation and Pathogenesis in <i>C Diff</i>
DNA methyltransferase, an epigenetic process, has been found to mediate sporulation and pathogenesis in C diff.
Can the CDC Achieve Its <i>C Diff</i> Goal?: Public Health Watch
The CDC’s plan calls for 30% reduction in C diff infections, but work remains to be done.
Oral Vancomycin May Resolve C Diff Symptoms Faster Than Metronidazole in Children
An observational study suggests that oral vancomycin may be associated with earlier symptom resolution than metronidazole for children hospitalized with non-severe C diff infections.
CDC Report Finds Declines in Key HAIs, but No Significant Change in Others: Public Health Watch
Agency’s annual report on healthcare-associated bugs highlights reduced incidence of CLABSI, CAUTI, and C diff.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?