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Confidential Community Care For HIV


Segment Description: Max Brito, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois, explains the value of bringing safe, confidential, and non-stigmatizing HIV treatment to the community at IDWeek2019.

Interview Transcript (modified slightly for readability):

Brito: I think the biggest takeaway from this research is that we can provide treatment within the community, our clinics are storefront clinics on purpose, because we want to decrease the stigma around treatment with HIV. So, you will see the clinic from the outside as just another storefront and so patients go in and then they get the care in a non-stigmatizing fashion, very confidential.

And we had even with people who have very hard lives and adverse social conditions we were able to get a satisfactory outcome, so we can get good numbers comparable to what we see in the hospital. The takeaway is that there is a way to provide care in the community. We're not the only ones doing it. But we just proved that our model is as successful as others to bring HIV care to patients wherever they are in a matter that is safe and not stigmatizing.
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Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?