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What is Needed to Achieve an HIV & AIDS-Free World by 2030?


Jake Glaser, founder, Modern Advocate; ambassador, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Foundation and member, End AIDS Coalition, shares what is needed to achieve the Fast-Track strategy to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

Interview Transcript (modified slightly for readability):

“I would say that the one thing that would hinder our ability to overcome HIV & AIDS, and to actually achieve a world free of HIV & AIDS by 2030, would be a breakdown of communication and collaboration. We need to continue to grow our efforts in teamwork. We need to be able to grow our efforts in consolidating funding and putting it towards a unilateral strategy. And, [we need to] be able to speak to the world with a message that is being sent through all respective organizations of the world. We need one unified marketing strategy. To get this done, we have to work together. The only way that it’s not going to get done is if we don’t work together.

I think that everyone in the world understands that everything works better when we work together. If you try to set out and accomplish anything alone in life, you’re going to be incredibly challenged, and you’re going to feel alone in the experience. [Therefore,] I would suggest that everyone who hears this, that’s listening to your broadcast, that is part of your community, [to know that] teamwork is everything. You have to find your neighbors, you have to find your friends, you have to find your partners, and you have to find a way to be able to work together to educate, to inspire, and to be a part of creating the solution.”
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