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Select coverage from Infectious Disease Week is included below:

What Makes Eravacycline a Unique Antibiotic?
Patrick Horn, MD, PhD, explains why eravacycline is a unique antibiotic and how it stands up against many different types of pathogens, including those that are multidrug-resistant.
Preparing for Pandemics and Streamlining Vaccine Development
It is only a matter of time before the next infectious disease pandemic hits and healthcare officials need to be prepared.
San Diego Health Officials Respond to
Dr. Monique Foster, CDC, and Dr. Eric McDonald, San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, discuss the surprising return of hepatitis A virus as part of the Late Breakers I symposium.
Addressing Issues Surrounding Current Antibiotic Development
James S. Lewis, PharmD, FIDSA, addresses the issues that surround current antibiotic development.
<i>Contagion</i>® to Report on ID Week 2017 in San Diego
Contagion® will be providing exclusive coverage on the conference, and so, keep your eyes peeled for session coverage and interviews with some of the key presenters.
We break down our top HIV news stories of 2017. Did you read them all?