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Drawbacks of Current Prediction Tools Used for Pneumonia
Alan Gross, PharmD, shares the drawbacks of some of the current prediction tools used for pneumonia.
Which Animals Are Being Used to Study Zika Virus?
Joergen Richt, DVM, PhD, discusses which animal models are being used to study Zika virus.
Does Cabotegravir Interact with Any Other Medications?
Alex Rinehart, PhD, explains if cabotegravir interacts with any other medications.
Hospital Epidemiologist: An Undefined Role?
Silvia Munoz-Price, MD, PhD, explains how the undefined role of a hospital epidemiologist can be problematic.
Latest Results of the Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment Project
Jessica Justman, MD, reveals the latest results of the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Project (2017).
Can Adults Experience Zika-Related Hearing Loss?
Viviane Boaventura, MD, MsC, PhD, shares how past research has demonstrated that adults can experience Zika-associated hearing loss.
First Lyme Disease Patients in US Were Misdiagnosed with Rheumatic Fever
Silvio Pitlik, MD, visiting scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, explains how the first Lyme disease patients were misdiagnosed.
How Can Health Care Practitioners Actively Fight Antibiotic Resistance?
Daniel Pilch, PhD, explains how the health care system must change in order to battle antibiotic resistance.
NIAID researchers make an unexpected discovery when examining how a cellular enzyme complex regulates herpesvirus; inhibiting the enzyme suppressed viral infection.