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Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists

Introducing “Bench to Bedside With SIDP,” a new column from the Society for Infectious Diseases Pharmacists covering everything from antimicrobial stewardship and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics to mentorship, preceptorship, and more.

Latest from Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists

The Role of Rifampin in Bone and Joint Infections

September 07, 2022

In the latest column from the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP), here is a discussion on the use of rifampin as an adjunctive antibiotic treatment for patients with diabetic foot osteomyelitis.

Clinical Considerations in Conducting Antifungal Susceptibility Testing

July 06, 2022

Access to antifungal susceptibility testing (AFST) remains limited in the United States. Therefore, providers must recognize clinical situations where AFST will provide its greatest value. In the latest article from SIDP, infectious disease pharmacists offers some insights on this subject.