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Mumps Outbreak Prompts Call for New Vaccinations
A mumps outbreak that began in the country last fall is continuing across the United States. New research suggests that even small populations of unvaccinated individuals may be fueling the outbreak.
Perinatal HIV Infection in Infants Drops but Missed Opportunities for  Prevention Remain
Fewer expectant mothers infected with HIV transmit the virus to their babies, but gaps in treatment persist. More infants could be protected with proper screening and treatment.
New Ebola Virus Vaccines Show Promise in Clinical Trials with Humans
Researchers from the University of Oxford and Janssen Pharmaceuticals believe they have demonstrated an Ebola vaccine approach that fosters immunity for up to 1 year.
New Rotavirus Vaccine is
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health researchers report that a new rotavirus vaccine was found to be 66.7% effective.
UVC Machines Able to Reduce Transmission of 4 Major Superbugs in Hospitals
Duke Health researchers have found that a UVC machine use can reduce transmission of harmful superbugs in hospital settings.
Health Officials Predict Flu Season Could Last Until May
Flu activity continues to drop across the country, but new outbreaks continue as health officials predict a flu season that could last until May in some areas.
Female Sexual Assault Victims Diagnosed with STDs Less Likely to Receive Treatment
Research has found that women who were forced to have sex and were diagnosed with an sexually transmitted disease (STD) were less likely to receive treatment compared with women who did not experience forced sex.
Public Health News Watch Wednesday: Report for March 22, 2017
This week’s Public Health News Watch focuses on recent claims in the media that the budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration will have a negative impact on healthcare outcomes and patient safety.
Elimination of viral hepatitis depends on individuals actively participating in their own healthcare and management. They can only do this if they understand why and how to protect their miraculous, life-sustaining liver from harm. Education is the key to