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Why Do People Respond to HCV Treatment Differently?
Research presented at Digestive Disease Week examines the factors that contribute to effectiveness of HCV treatment. 
Research Finds Impaired Brain Connectivity Among HIV-Positive Youth
By impairing brain connectivity, an HIV infection may affect cognition in young patients, according to a recent imaging study.
How Does the Flu Vaccine Effect Preterm Vs. Full-Term Infants?
A research team headed by Carl D’Angio, MD, a physician in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York, compare flu vaccine response in PT versus FT infants.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of May 21, 2017
In case you missed them, here are our top 5 articles for the week of May 21, 2017.
<em>E. coli</em> Outbreak: What Have We Learned Since 1993?
In the recent installment of the series, “We Were There,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share what they have learned since the 1993 Escherichia coli (E. coli) outbreak.
Generic HCV Drugs Are More Affordable Way to Improve Patient Outcomes in India
The lack of availability of generic DAAs in many other parts of the world increases prices and often limits treatment to people with later stages of the disease.
UNC Clinic Offers New Intervention Resulting in Increased STD Screening Rates
The quality improvement group at the UNC Infectious Disease Clinic has come up with a process to increase rates of STD screening that includes providing patients with the option to self-swab.
WHO Confirms Active Zika Transmission in India
After 3 individuals test positive for the mosquito-borne virus in Gujarat, WHO confirms that the Zika virus is currently circulating in the country.
A new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals information on a 5-month-old male infant who was diagnosed with the emerging tick-borne virus in Connecticut in 2016.