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Women with HIV Should be Screened for Anal Cancer
Women with HIV are at higher risk of having potentially cancer-causing HPV in their anal canals, raising questions about how best to screen this population.
Polio Vaccine Arrives in Syria in Time for Major Vaccination Campaign
The polio vaccine (mOPV2) has arrived in Deir Ez-Zor governate, as health officials are working on the implementation of immunization campaigns to stop transmission.
Measles Outbreaks Continue to Spread and Claims Lives in the US and Abroad
Outbreaks of measles have resulted in over 14,000 infections and the loss of 35 lives across Europe since January 2016.

Infants Potentially Exposed to Zika Virus Should Undergo Routine Eye Exams
Research coming in from Fernandes Figueira-Fundação Oswaldo Cruz finds that when it comes to diagnosing Zika virus infection in newborns, the eyes may have it.
Doctors Without Borders Criticizes Countries and Healthcare Agencies for Lack of Focus on Tuberculosis
Doctor Without Borders is criticizing countries and government agencies alike for seemingly downplaying the impact of tuberculosis around the world.
Brazil Yellow Fever Outbreak Persists Although Number of Cases Has Stabilized
Although the yellow fever outbreak that has affected several Latin American countries has eased since the end of summer, health officials say new cases are still springing up in some areas.
Senate GOP to Push with Obamacare Repeal Despite BCRA Failure: Public Health Watch Report
The new Senate healthcare bill released last week has died on the vine, even before it was formally put forward for deliberation and vote.
Biodetection Technologies Biothreats and Pathogen Detection: Coverage from the Biodefense World Summit
Ebola virus tracking and mechanisms to detect threats to our national food supply are highlighted.
In patients who are being treated with antiretroviral therapy (ART), it appears that a latent form of HIV residing in immune cells can continue to reproduce.