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Using Molecular Methods to Monitor Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea
UCLA researchers have shown that using molecular methods to predict susceptibility testing could serve as a new way to monitor drug-resistant gonorrhea.
Third MMR Dose May Cull Future Mumps / Measles Outbreaks
As outbreaks of measles and mumps continue to spring up across the country, a third dose of the MMR vaccine may be necessary to cull their spread.
Improved Vaccine Protects Against 9 Cancer-Causing Strains of HPV
Researchers from the Moffitt Cancer Center find that the newest HPV vaccine protects against 9 cancer-causing strains of the virus.
West Nile Cases Continue to Spring Up, Despite Mosquito Season Drawing to a Close
New cases of West Nile virus springing up around the country are a reminder that the virus can continue to cause new infections well into fall, as mosquitoes continue to stay active where it’s still warm.
WHO Confirms Serious Lack of New Antibiotics to Combat Resistant Pathogens
WHO report confirms that “the world is running out of antibiotics” to treat resistant priority pathogens
Shots in the Dark—Creating US Healthcare Plans: Public Health Watch Report
New Republican-led healthcare plan gains traction as past-presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, puts forth a plan of his own.
Wisconsin DOH Reports Large Increase in Syphilis Cases
A report released by the Wisconsin DOH shows a 58% increase in syphilis cases from 2015 to 2016.
Zika Virus News Update: Three New Things You Should Know
In this update, we cover the latest news this past week associated with the Zika virus.
NIAID researchers make an unexpected discovery when examining how a cellular enzyme complex regulates herpesvirus; inhibiting the enzyme suppressed viral infection.