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Saskia v. Popescu - Page 8

Saskia v. Popescu, MPH, MA, CIC, is a hospital epidemiologist and infection preventionist with Phoenix Children's Hospital. During her work as an infection preventionist she performed surveillance for infectious diseases, preparedness, and Ebola-response practices. She is currently a PhD candidate in Biodefense at George Mason University where her research focuses on the role of infection prevention in facilitating global health security efforts. She is certified in Infection Control.
The past few weeks have been busy with avian influenza activity from Tennessee to China.
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As work with deadly pathogens becomes more advanced, are our biosecurity and biosafety practices regressing?
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The rise of the mcr-1 gene highlights the hurdles against the bigger fight that is antimicrobial resistance
While we look to emerging infectious disease outbreaks and the threat of biological weapons, it's easy to forget the responsibilities of our domestic research.
The era of antibiotic futility is approaching, so why aren't we taking it seriously?
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