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Pandemics Leave Countries Economically as Well as Medically Vulnerable
The huge economic toll of widespread disease is rarely accounted for when officials set budgets—with the result that countries frequently find their finances in shambles during and after a pandemic.
A Review of Transdermal Vaccine Delivery
The transdermal vaccine route offers an opportunity to improve vaccine administration.
In a collaborative effort, researchers have discovered what they refer to as a “Trojan Horse” strategy that uses two developed bispecific antibodies that have proved active against all five strains of the ebolavirus.
Social Connectivity Can Impact Dynamics of Disease Transmission
A new study has shown that infected wild house mice will disengage from their social groups, resulting in a decreased potential for disease transmission; these findings can be applied to improve models used to predict transmission of infectious diseases spread by social contact, such as Ebola and influenza.
Ebola Can Persist in the Semen of Male Survivors
A new report from Liberia’s Men’s Health Screening Program provides insight into the persistence of the Ebola virus in the semen of survivors.
As sporadic cases of Ebola continue to arise in West Africa, a controversial approach could be utilized to increase survival rates in those who are infected.
Co-Infection with Malaria Parasites Can Result in Higher Chances of Surviving Ebola
A new study conducted by an Ebola diagnostic laboratory in Liberia has found that there is a connection between the survival of individuals with Ebola and co-infection with Plasmodium parasites that cause malaria.
Fear of Ebola Drives Liberian Women Away from Healthcare Facilities
The first household survey was conducted in Liberia to examine the collateral harm to maternal healthcare delivery services in areas impacted by the Ebola epidemic. It showed that since the Ebola epidemic began, facility-based deliveries have declined mostly due to fear of acquiring infection, keeping women away from using the healthcare services available to them.
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