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The Contagion® HCV / Hepatitis specialty page provides HCV / hepatitis-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Rhode Island Responds to Increased Threat of Hepatitis C
In response to an increase of hepatitis C cases in Rhode Island that have resulted in hospitalizations and deaths, the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island Public Health Institute have worked together to compose their first ever, comprehensive epidemiological report.
Ongoing Opioid Abuse in US Likely Culprit Behind HIV Clusters
Collateral damage from the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic in the United States continues to plague many rural communities across the country, with recent reports suggesting it is likely behind clusters of HIV cases in these areas.
Scientists Discover Cause of Immune Dysfunction in Patients with Cirrhosis
Liver fibrosis and subsequent cirrhosis result from chronic damage to the liver that is caused by most types of chronic liver disease, including chronic hepatitis C virus infection and alcohol abuse.
Will Europe be Hepatitis Free by 2030?
World Hepatitis Day aims to increase awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis. The ECDC discusses Europe’s plan to eliminate hepatitis by 2030.
Hepatitis A Outbreak in Hawaii Encourages Vaccinations of Travelers and Locals
The Hawaii State Department has confirmed an open investigation of the hepatitis A infection in Oahu, Hawaii.
FDA Approves First Regimen to Treat All Six Major Forms of HCV
The US Food and Drug Administration just approved a new regimen to treat the six major forms of chronic hepatitis C (HCV).
HCV Screening: A Missed Opportunity in Pregnancy?
A recent study has estimated the seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection to be 0.5% in the antenatal population.
HCV Cure Rates in HIV Patients, Lower in Real-World than in Clinical Trials
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) cure when using direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agents in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-coinfected patients is lower in real-world settings than when patients are enrolled in clinical trials, a new study has found.
Influenza A (H3N2) has caused most of the illnesses in this severe flu season, but influenza B is becoming increasingly responsible for more infections as the flu season continues to hit the United States.