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World Toilet Day: Importance of Preventing Sanitation-Associated Infectious Diseases
World Toilet Day, November 9th, is dedicated to promoting awareness and inspiring action against the global sanitation crisis.
Antiviral Drug Identified as Effective Ebola Fighter
A research team has found that an antiviral drug available in Russia and a few other countries shows promising results when it comes to fighting Ebola virus disease.
Tuberculosis Susceptibility Has Genetic Basis
Researchers are gaining a greater understanding of the role that human genetics plays in determining who contracts tuberculosis as well as how severely it impacts its victims.
Hepatitis A Outbreak Triggers Efforts to Clean Up Homeless Encampments Along San Diego River
As the hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego continues, officials focus their efforts on homeless encamped along the San Diego River. Is the situation improving or getting worse?
HEPLISAV-B Approved by FDA
The vaccine is the only 2-dose regimen for the prevention of infection by all known subtypes of hepatitis b in adults 18 and older.
Treating HCV in HIV-Coinfection: Still a Therapeutic Dilemma?
Despite the availability of highly active agents against HCV, HIV-infected patients require special considerations for drug interactions when considering treatment options.  
Strategic Alliance Formed to Advance RNAi Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals announces exclusive licensing agreement with Vir Biotechnology for the development and commercialization of RNA Interference therapeutics for infectious diseases.
Tackling Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Challenges and Advancements
Although there have been important improvements to existing vaccines, the list of vaccine-preventable diseases has barely changed at all in over two decades.
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