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E. COLI NEWS - Page 7

New Treatment for Fruits Could Extend Shelf Life, Reduce Food-borne Illness
Wet steam processing of fruits has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of food-borne illness associated with contaminated fresh-cut fruits, a new study has suggested.
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) May Soon Be Treatable
Researchers from the department of pathology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston developed and validated a high-throughput screen (HTS) that could detect antimicrobial agents with the ability to restore carbapenem susceptibility to resistant strains, as well as those that target CRE directly.
CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Shares Recent Zoonotic Disease Research
Zoonotic diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that are spread between animals and humans are quite common and scientists estimate that more than 60% of human infectious diseases are spread from animals.
Endoscope-Cleaning Techniques Prove Extremely Costly
When an endoscope-associated outbreak occurred at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, officials implemented new practices to avoid it from happening again.
Beards May Hold the Answer to New Antibiotics
After swabbing 20 beards, more than 100 bacteria growths were identified.
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