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Study Finds Food and Healthcare Workers More Susceptible to Norovirus
Individuals who handle foods in the course of their work, as well as those working in healthcare settings, have a higher risk for infection with highly contagious, gastroenteritis-inducing noroviruses when an outbreak occurs where they work.
Global Genetic Study of <em>S. Enteritidis</em> Reveals Lethal Infections in Africa
New study reveals two new types of Salmonella associated with deadly infections in Africa. These types are genetically different from the western Salmonella Enteritidis.
Australian Breakfast Buffet Links Salmonella Outbreak to Eggs
Cross-contamination of eggs is believed to have been the cause of a Salmonella outbreak from an Australian hotel. 
Virginia Department of Health Warns of Increased Hepatitis A Risk
The Virginia Department of Health has issued a warning stating that there is an increased risk of hepatitis A in the state of Virginia that may potentially link back to frozen strawberries sourced from Egypt.
Hepatitis A Outbreak in Hawaii Linked to Raw Scallops
A traceback investigation has found that raw scallops have contributed to the hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii. 
One Step Ahead: Investigating Salmonella in the United States
In order to control and prevent outbreaks of Salmonella, public health scientists and officials work tirelessly to ensure the farm to table chain remains free of contamination.
<em>Salmonella</em> Outbreak in Washington Attributed to Local Catering Business
Washington state recently issued food safety measures for residents after a Salmonella outbreak.
Hepatitis A infections on the Rise in Hawaii
A hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii has reached more than 200 cases.
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