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The Contagion® Norovirus specialty page provides norovirus-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Norovirus Outbreaks Take California Schools by Storm
Norovirus outbreaks in California schools are causing thousands of students and staff to fall ill, and prompting officials to cancel events and close some schools.
Norovirus Outbreak on Toronto College Campus Appears Contained
Through environmental cleaning and student-oriented education, Humber College in Toronto, Canada, has managed to quell a nasty outbreak of norovirus.
2016's Top 5 News Stories for Food-borne Infection and Food Safety
We’ve put together the top five biggest news stories regarding food-borne illnesses this year. Did you see them all?
New Research Could Offer Novel Treatments for Astrovirus Infections
New research from University of California Santa Cruz biologists shows how antibodies work to stop astrovirus infections, offering a potentially new way to develop a vaccine and treatment for this infection.
Patient-to-Patient Spread of Norovirus is Probably Overestimated
A recent study suggests that patient-to-patient transmission of norovirus is potentially overestimated within clinical settings.
NoroCORE and the Perfect Pathogen: USDA-NIFA Efforts to Control Norovirus
Dubbed 'the perfect pathogen' by researchers, norovirus possesses all the markers of an ideal infectious agent.
New Discovery Sheds Light on How Norovirus Works and Ways to Stop It
Researchers still know very little about just how norovirus works, but a new study has shed light on how norovirus gets into cells and causes disease.
Study Finds Food and Healthcare Workers More Susceptible to Norovirus
Individuals who handle foods in the course of their work, as well as those working in healthcare settings, have a higher risk for infection with highly contagious, gastroenteritis-inducing noroviruses when an outbreak occurs where they work.