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The Contagion® Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) specialty page provides HAI-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Top-Line Results Show New Antibiotic for CABP Performing Well in Phase 3 Trial
Top-line results of a phase 3 clinical study show that omadacycline met all US Food and Drug Administration primary and secondary endpoints and European Medicines Agency co-primary endpoints.
New Fecal Transplant Method Treats <i>C. difficile</i>
Research coming in from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston shows that when it comes to treating those with C. difficile, frozen and freeze-dried products for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation are nearly as effective as fresh product.
Patient Perspectives: A Fresh Take on Infection Prevention
Patient advocate Liz Kruvand brought a fresh perspective to the SHEA Spring 2017 Conference when she discussed her own trials and tribulations with infection prevention in the pediatric hospital setting.
Beyond the Room: Allowing Patients on Contact Precautions to Venture Outside
On March 30, 2017, at the SHEA Spring 2017 Conference, Thomas Sandora, MD, MPH, shared some tips regarding ways to manage movement outside of the room for patients who are on contact precautions.
Curbing the Spread of Respiratory Viral HAIs by Healthcare Workers
On March 30, 2017, at the SHEA Spring 2017 Conference, Matt Linam, MD, MS, discussed strategies to prevent healthcare workers from spreading healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
Researchers Find Drug Combo Works Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria
Recent research has found that a surprising drug combo might be the key to fighting multidrug-resistant bacteria.
Continued Statin Use Benefits Patients with Bacteremia
New research shows that continuation of statins among patients Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia who were receiving the therapy before infection significantly lowered the risk of 30-day mortality.
Exploring Patient Engagement in HAI-Prevention Programs
At the SHEA Spring 2017 Conference, Heather S. Reisinger, PhD, MAA, discussed the importance of including patients in healthcare-associated infection (HAI)-prevention strategies.
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