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What Are The Drawbacks Of Current Front-Line Drugs to Treat <i>C. difficile</i> Infection?
Kirk Hevener, PharmD, PhD, explains the drawbacks of first-line drugs that are currently used to treat C. difficile infections.
What Are Pleuromutilin Antibiotics and How Do They Work?
Thomas File, MD, MSc explains what pleuromutilin antibiotics are and how they work.
How Are Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs Lacking in Long-term Care Facilities?
Alan Gross, PharmD, BCPS-AQID, explains how antimicrobial stewardship programs need to be strengthened in long-term care facilities.
What is the Role of Combination Therapy in Treating <i>S. aureus</i> Infections?
Prof. Josh Davis, MBBS, PhD, discusses the role of combination therapy when it comes to treating invasive Staphylococcus aureus infections.
<i>C. difficile</i> Tends to Be Over-Diagnosed in Healthcare Facilities
Niaz Banaei, MD, discusses some reasons why healthcare-associated C. difficile tends to be over-diagnosed.
What is The Current Process for Clearance of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing in the US?
Romney Humphries, PhD, D(ABMM) sat down with Contagion® to discuss the process for receiving clearance on antimicrobial susceptibility tests in the United States.
Why Do Carbapenem Antibiotics Cause Higher Rates of <i>Clostridium difficile</i> & Superinfections?
Khalid Eljaaly, PharmD, MS, CAPPS, BCPS, explains why carbapenem antibiotics cause higher rates of C. diff and superinfections.
Why is Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing So Important?
Jason Gallagher, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FIDSA, explains the importance of antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.