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New Review Reveals Recurrent Serious Reactions to Vaccines are Rare
A new review article shows that if a child has a serious reaction to a vaccine, the chances of it happening again are very small.
Minnesota's Measles Outbreak Underscores US Vaccine Uptake Issue: Public Health Watch Report
Although the recent measles outbreak in Minnesota has been declared to be over, its occurrence underscores the need to address the larger issue of vaccine uptake in the United States.

NIH Awards $4.8 Million to University to Fight Potentially Fatal Fungal Infection
The National Institutes of Health has awarded a 4-year, $4.8 million grant to the University of Arizona to speed up the development of delta-CPS1, a vaccine candidate to fight valley fever.
Minnesota Measles Outbreak Officially Over
A measles outbreak that affected 79 individuals in the state of Minnesota this spring and summer 2017 was recently declared “over” by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).
The Biggest Influence on a Mother's Decision to Vaccinate Her Child May Surprise You
One study has found that pregnant women were more likely not to have their children vaccinated on time, after receiving negative information on vaccines from their friends and family, even after receiving positive information from their doctors.
Cholera Vaccines Found to Provide Suboptimal Coverage in At-Risk Population
A recent review looking at research literature finds that cholera vaccines provide substantial protection for adults, but significantly less protection for children.
Hepatitis B Vaccine Continues to Jump Hurdles on Its Way to Potential FDA Approval
The decision date for a NDA for a new hepatitis B vaccine, Dynavax’s Heplisav-B, has been delayed, as the FDA asked for more post-marketing study information on the vaccine.
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