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CMV DNA Vaccine Candidate Fails to Meet Endpoints in Phase 3 Trial
The vaccine candidate is ASP0113, which was in development to treat and prevent cytomegalovirus (CMV) in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients.
Certain Flu-Fighting Antibodies Associated with Less Viral Shedding
Findings from a new National Institutes of Health study may have important implications for flu vaccine development.
ACIP Releases Recommendations for Use of Herpes Zoster Vaccines
With about 1 million individuals getting herpes zoster each year in the United States, the best protection against the virus is vaccination.
FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to Takeda's Zika Vaccine Candidate
The FDA grants Fast Track designation to TAK-426, Takeda’s purified, inactivated, alum-adjuvanted whole Zika virus vaccine candidate.
Schools Close in Response to Most Severe Flu Season Since 2009
As flu cases continue to rapidly increase this season, school districts around the country have taken to closing schools in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
<I>Contagion</i>® Speaks with National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Medical Director on Influenza
William Schaffner, MD, explains what we can expect for the 2017-2018 flu season and how clinicians can ensure their patients get vaccinated.
Influenza Exposure May Lead to Heightened Risk in Future Pandemics
A new data analysis suggests that individuals born at the time of a flu pandemic are more susceptible to death in future pandemics.
Minas Gerais Declares State of Emergency as Brazilian Yellow Fever Outbreak Rages On
A total of 22 cases of yellow fever have been confirmed in Minas Gerais since July 2017 and 15 of those individuals have died.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.