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Twelve US States Are Now Reporting Widespread Flu Activity
More states are reporting widespread flu activity as CDC researchers up their annual estimate of flu deaths around the world.
FDA Issues Final Rule on Use of Certain Antiseptic Ingredients
The FDA issues a final rule on the safety and effectiveness of certain active ingredients in over-the-counter health care antiseptic products.
Flu Vaccine: The Jar Is Three-Quarters Full, Not Half Empty
William Schaffner, MD, explains the strengths and weaknesses of the flu vaccine.
How One Hospital Won a Battle Against an Outbreak of Two Virulent Superbugs
One intensive care unit utilized advanced infection control efforts to tackle an outbreak and won.
ACAAI Updates Practice Parameters on Flu Shots for Individuals with Egg Allergy
Individuals with an egg allergy do not need to avoid the annual flu shot.
Updated Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines Not Endorsed by IDSA
The Infectious Diseases Society of America’s (IDSA) decision not to endorse the 2016 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines comes from disagreement on the diagnosis and management of the microbial etiology of the disease.
Tracing <em>Pseudomonas aeruginosa</em> Throughout A Hematology Unit
A surprising source of this opportunistic pathogen was found through environmental testing.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of December 10, 2017
In case you missed them, we've compiled the top 5 articles from this past week.
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