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Influenza B Cases Continue to Rise in the United States
Although cases of influenza A are on the decline, a late season surge in influenza B cases are helping to extend flu season across parts of the United States.
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Older Women, African Americans Less Likely to Get Flu Vaccines
The results of a new study have revealed that older women and African Americans are less likely to get vaccinated against influenza.
Health Officials Predict Flu Season Could Last Until May
Flu activity continues to drop across the country, but new outbreaks continue as health officials predict a flu season that could last until May in some areas.
Flu Remains Deadly Despite Declines
The United States has likely seen its flu season peak, although health officials around the country are issuing reminders that new illnesses and flu-related deaths may continue for several weeks.
High-Dose Flu Vaccine Curtails Complications and Deaths in Older Adults
A high-dose flu vaccine may offer more protection to older adults during flu seasons in which Influenza A(N2N3) is circulating.
Flu Season Still Peaking in Some US States
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported six new flu-related pediatric deaths, including one confirmed by health officials in Milwaukee.
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