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Influenza Update For 2016 Winter Holidays
Americans are gearing up for travel to celebrate the winter holidays amid a mild start to the influenza season.
Defense Mechanism in Human Cells May Be Used to Fight Deadly Diseases
A defense mechanism by which plants and animals fight off RNA viruses was recently observed in human cells for the first time, offering researchers a look at new ways to treat viral diseases.
Flu Vaccination Rates Rise for Pregnant Women but Still Fall Short
While flu vaccination rates for pregnant women have more than doubled since 2005, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that at least half of expectant mothers are missing out on the protective benefits of the flu shot.
Influenza Vaccination Rates Remain Low as Flu Activity Continues to Rise
In honor of National Influenza Vaccination Week, the CDC reports on influenza vaccination coverage and the benefits of receiving a flu shot.
What Was the Leading Cause of Death in 2015?
The CDC’s NCHS released its mortality report on life expectancy and leading causes of death for adults and infants in 2015.
New Mathematical Model Estimates Fitness of Antiviral-Resistant Influenza Strains
Researchers discover a simple method for estimating fitness of antiviral-resistant influenza strains using surveillance data.
Researchers Find Ways to Improve Effectiveness of Seasonal Flu Vaccine
A new pair of studies take a look at the human immune response to the flu vaccine and explain how the flu components may affect the shot’s effectiveness.
Researchers Highlight Trends in Infectious Disease Mortality in the US
University of Arizona researchers look at important trends related to infectious disease mortality in the United States.
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