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Point-of-Care Diagnosis for Tuberculosis May Reduce Patients' Time to Treatment
Researchers find that performing a TB diagnostic test in a clinic as opposed to a centralized laboratory greatly reduced patients’ time to treatment.
Dalbavancin For Treatment of MRSA Pneumonia
Researchers from the University of Mississippi report a case of an HIV-positive man with pneumonia due to MRSA who was treated with dalbavancin.
Infection with Pneumonia or Sepsis Linked with Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
The results of a new study reveal increased risk of cardiovascular disease in adults previously hospitalized for pneumonia or sepsis.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of August 6, 2017
New research on Zika, cases of swine flu infections, parallels between Zika and HIV, a new warning sign of HIV infection, and an increase in cyclospora cayetanensis infections in United States make up the top 5 articles this week.
Genetic Roadmap May Assist with Identifying Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
Researchers believe they have developed an effective genetic roadmap to assist in the identification and characterization of infections in the lower respiratory tract.
11 Cases of H3N2v Flu Linked With Clinton County Fair in Ohio
The Clinton County health commissioner, Pamela Walker Bauer, MPH, RS has confirmed 11 cases of H3N2v flu linked with an Ohio fair.
Despite Weakened Antibody Response, Annual Flu Shot Protects Pregnant Women & Infants
In a new study published in the journal Vaccine, researchers examine the antibody response to the flu vaccine in pregnant women and their babies.
MERS Risk Assessment Highlights High Rate of Hospital Transmissions
The latest World Health Organization report points to high MERS transmission risk in hospitals.
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