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Checking for These 4 Symptoms May Help GPs More Accurately Diagnose Pneumonia
A blood oxygen level test in addition to 3 other noninvasive tests may be key to helping general practitioners diagnose pneumonia and avoiding unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.
Researchers One Step Closer to Personalized Flu Vaccines
A new discovery could lead to a more effective live attenuated influenza vaccine offering extra protection to young children and the elderly.
Midwest Health System Fires Staffers for Not Getting Flu Shot: Public Health Watch
A total of 50 employees were fired after refusing to get the vaccine.
Can Taking a "Design Thinking Approach" Help Provide Solutions to Infectious Disease Issues?
A group of students from Johns Hopkins win first place at the fifth annual Pfizer Case Competition by providing solution to a problem regarding pneumonia vaccine compliance.
Researchers Develop New Algorithm for Diagnosing Tuberculosis in Patients With HIV
Researchers in South Africa have developed a symptom score card to help diagnose tuberculosis infections in individuals with HIV.
Legionnaires' Disease: 5 Things Pharmacists Should Know
Pharmacists can play an important role in counseling patients to help prevent outbreaks.
Flu Shot in Children Can Reduce Risk of Infection-Related Hospitalization
With news of a Las Vegas-area child’s flu-related death, a new study finds that kids who receive the flu shot have a much lower risk of being hospitalized for the illness.
Columbia University Researchers Develop State-Level Influenza Nowcasting Model
Researchers from Columbia University have developed their own “nowcasting” model, which leverages online search trends to gain a picture of current, local influenza outbreaks.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.