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A Shampoo Bottle Is Saving the Lives of Children with Pneumonia
One doctor in Bangladesh has created a low-cost continuous positive airway pressure device out of an empty shampoo bottle; a study finds that the device cut pneumonia mortality rates by 75%.
Have Flu Vaccination Rates Changed After CDC Stopped Recommending Nasal Spray?
As health officials continue to recommend the injectable influenza vaccine to prevent illness this season, a new study examines whether vaccination rates changed after the CDC stopped recommending the nasal spray vaccine
Legionnaires' Disease on the Rise in the United States
At ID Week 2017, Dr. Laura Cooley, CDC, discussed the increasing number of Legionnaires’ cases in the United States, underscoring the need for stronger water management practices.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of October 15, 2017
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C-Reactive Protein an Accurate Alternative to Symptom-Based TB Screen
Based on WHO guidelines for tuberculosis screening, many individuals who don’t have the disease are sent for expensive confirmatory testing. A simple point-of-care blood test could change all of that.
Antiviral Therapy for Influenza: To Combine or Not to Combine?
A multinational team of researchers set out to answer the following question when it comes to antiviral therapy for influenza: to combine or not to combine?
What Will It Take to Develop a Universal Flu Shot?
A new article details how researchers are working to develop a universal flu shot.
The Black Death Spreads Through Madagascar Claiming 57 Lives Thus Far
The pneumonic plague outbreak in Madagascar infects 684 individuals and claims 57 lives, thus far. Has it spread to Seychelles?
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