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HIV-1 Genetic Diversity Higher in Vaginal Tract Than Blood
University of Western Ontario investigators have found that the genetic diversity of HIV-1 during early infection is greater in the vaginal tract than in the bloodstream.
Teva Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch of Generic HIV Drug
Teva Pharmaceuticals announces an exclusive launch of a generic version of atazanavir capsules for the treatment of HIV.
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2 HIV Research Studies You Should Know This Week
A common birth control shot has been linked with increased risk of HIV infection while NIAID investigators have found that putting ART on pause during a clinical trial might not be as detrimental as first thought.
Weekly HIV Treatment Is on The Horizon
Investigators from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Lyndra, have developed a drug capsule that could drastically pare down ART to an easier-to-adhere-to weekly regimen.
Cancer-Fighting Virus May Also Be Able to Destroy Latent HIV-Infected Cells
A viral therapy developed to target cancer cells, also appears capable of destroying HIV-infected cells.
<em>Gardnerella</em> Bacteremia Reported in HIV-Positive Male
Investigators from the University of California San Diego Medical School report on the first case of Gardnerella bacteremia in an HIV-positive male following the placement of a urinary catheter.
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