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HIV / AIDS NEWS - Page 15

How Does PrEP Affect Seroconversion After HIV is Acquired?
Due to concerns that the use of PrEP might hinder clinicians from detecting HIV in infected individuals or lead to the development of resistant strains of HIV, scientists studied how PrEP affects seroconversion after HIV is acquired.
Vaginal Ring Safe HIV Preventive Tool for Adolescents, Study Finds
A phase 2a clinical trial has found the dapivirine vaginal ring to be a safe and acceptable means for HIV prevention in adolescents, who showed notably high adherence when using the ring.
Early Stage HIV Vaccine Regimen Produces Immune Responses Against HIV
The NIH has released the findings of the first of 2 early-stage clinical trials on assessing the safety and effectiveness of HIV candidate vaccinations that support additional development of vaccines.
Challenges Remain in HIV Care: Public Health Watch Report
As the IAS Conference on HIV Science wraps up this week, this Public Health Watch report takes a closer look at the challenges that remain when it comes to treating HIV.
Oral Truvada Deemed
Phase 2 study finds that the use of daily oral Truvada as a means of HIV prevention is safe and acceptable.
HIV-Infected Child Maintains Remission Without ART Since 2008
Researchers reported at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science that a HIV-infected child who had been treated in infancy has maintained remission without drugs since 2008.
Research Gaps in Drug Interactions Raise Concerns for Transgender Women With HIV
A recent study finds that the majority of HIV-infected transgender women are anxious about taking ART and feminizing hormone therapy simultaneously due to hazardous drug interactions.
IAS & WHO Identify Research Priority Areas for HIV-Positive Infants, Children & Adolescents
WHO and IAS come together to create the first-ever global research prioritization agendas at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science in Paris, France.
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