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HIV / AIDS NEWS - Page 7

Rural Areas of the United States Continue to Grapple with Outbreaks of HIV
In a story that could be straight out of the 1980s, health officials in the state of West Virginia have stated they are dealing with a major outbreak of HIV infections in the southern part of the state.
Flu Season, and the Links Between Mental Health and Infectious Diseases: Public Health Watch
Remembering the links between infectious diseases such as influenza and HIV, among others, and mental health can improve patient outcomes.
Study Finds No Evidence Raltegravir-Based ART Regimen Leads to Cancer or Death
Recent data demonstrated that small doses of raltegravir could lead patients developing malignancies; however, the observations had not yet been substantiated.
Should Dolutegravir Be Used as Maintenance Therapy for HIV?
Dolutegravir seemed to be a promising maintenance monotherapy for people living with HIV, but the development of resistance mutations in testing strikes it from the list.
Schistosomiasis Linked With HIV Infection
A new study has shown that women with schistosomiasis are at greater risk for HIV infection.
Treating HCV in HIV-Coinfection: Still a Therapeutic Dilemma?
Despite the availability of highly active agents against HCV, HIV-infected patients require special considerations for drug interactions when considering treatment options.  
The World Remains Off Target to End TB by 2035
Tuberculosis (TB) remains the #1 infectious killer, worldwide, surpassing HIV / AIDS, according to the latest global TB report from the World Health Organization.
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