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Top Infectious Disease News of the Week—May 6, 2018
In case you missed them, we've compiled the top 5 articles from this past week.
First Large-Scale Trial of Kidney Transplant Between HIV+ Donor and Recipient
An ambitious new trial aims to confirm that people living with HIV can be kidney donors to HIV recipients, shortening the time those recipients wait for a transplant.
HIV's Ancient Cousin, HTLV-1, Surging Through Indigenous Australian Communities
Rates of a lesser known virus related to HIV called HTLV-1 have surged in some of Australia’s Aboriginal communities, and now the country’s health officials are facing a global outcry to act.
A Cure for HIV? An Update One Year Later
Big advances in treatment can’t make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.
Proposed Budget Cuts to Global Health Might Be Bad Medicine for State Economies: Public Health Watch Report
A new report by Global Health Technologies Coalition assesses the economic impact of cuts to global health R&D on the economies of US states.
National Cancer Institute Analysis Reveals New Cancer Risks Among Adults With HIV
The burden of prostate, breast, and lung cancers among those living with HIV is expected to rise by 2030.
NNRTI Resistance Model Aids Treatment of HIV in Africa
The World Health Organization has a new way to identify cost-effective measures to address the increasing prevalence of drug-resistant HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.
Trogarzo Now Available In the United States for Those With Multidrug-Resistant HIV
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this new intravenously-administered HIV medication for patients who are suffering from multidrug-resistant HIV who have failed other antiretroviral therapies.
Big advances in treatment can