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Grindr Found to Be Sharing Users' HIV Status With Other Companies
On the heels of revealing a new feature promoting HIV testing, a data analysis finds that the app was sharing sensitive information with other companies.
Grindr Aims to Help Improve HIV Testing Rates
Only about 1 in 7 HIV-positive individuals are aware of their status.
HPV Vaccination Rates On the Rise Among US Males
While a new study has found that the HPV vaccination rate has more than tripled among young men in the United States, rates for both males and females are still well below public health targets.
Most Common Curable STI Disproportionately Affects Black Community
A new study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine highlights major racial & ethnic disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of trichomoniasis in the United States.
Symfi Triple Combo Once-Daily HIV Treatment Receives FDA Approval
This comes on the heels of 2 recent FDA approvals of 2 Mylan antiretrovirals: Cimduo and Symfi Lo.
Daily TB Therapy Superior to Thrice-Weekly in Patients with HIV
A recent study finds that daily antituberculosis therapy is more effective than a thrice-weekly regimen among HIV-positive patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
Shorter Duration Tuberculosis Prevention Option Available for People Living With HIV
A new study finds that a 1-month course of antibiotics is as safe & effective as the commonly recommended 9-month course in preventing tuberculosis in those with HIV.
Dolutegravir with Darunavir/Cobicistat Safe to Prescribe in Treatment of HIV, Study Suggests
A new study suggests that an antiretroviral combination of dolutegravir with darunavir/cobicistat can be prescribed safely in the treatment of HIV-1.
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