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The State of PrEP in 2017: Recent Data and Current Challenges
Although a once-daily pill to prevent HIV exists, US populations at highest risk have the lowest rates of usage.
Rural Areas of the United States Continue to Grapple with Outbreaks of HIV
In a story that could be straight out of the 1980s, health officials in the state of West Virginia have stated they are dealing with a major outbreak of HIV infections in the southern part of the state.
Flu Season, and the Links Between Mental Health and Infectious Diseases: Public Health Watch
Remembering the links between infectious diseases such as influenza and HIV, among others, and mental health can improve patient outcomes.
Study Finds No Evidence Raltegravir-Based ART Regimen Leads to Cancer or Death
Recent data demonstrated that small doses of raltegravir could lead patients developing malignancies; however, the observations had not yet been substantiated.
Should Dolutegravir Be Used as Maintenance Therapy for HIV?
Dolutegravir seemed to be a promising maintenance monotherapy for people living with HIV, but the development of resistance mutations in testing strikes it from the list.
Schistosomiasis Linked With HIV Infection
A new study has shown that women with schistosomiasis are at greater risk for HIV infection.
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In case you missed them, we've compiled the top 5 articles from this past week.
We break down our top HIV news stories of 2017. Did you read them all?