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Researchers Develop Warning System Model for Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Predicting how long it takes for an infectious disease outbreak to begin may help health officials develop an early warning system, according to the authors of a new study on lag times in epidemics.
Fatal Measles Complication More Frequent Than Previously Thought
Researchers estimate that there are more cases of sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), a fatal measles complication, than previous thought.
Decreasing Vaccination Rates in Texas Could Lead to Measles Epidemic
The probability of a measles epidemic occurring in Texas increases as the number of children exempt from receiving the measles vaccine continues to grow.
Exploring Strategies to Control Neglected Tropical Diseases
Researchers discuss five strategies to aid in the control of neglected tropical diseases.
Neglected Tropical Diseases: Looking Toward 2030
Researchers review recent progress made on neglected tropical diseases since 2010.
Zika Virus Skin Rash: Another Symptom of Infection?
A recent study details a case of a man with a confirmed Zika virus infection accompanied by papular descending eruption, petechiae on his palate, and hyperemic sclerae.
Cat-Scratch Disease May Lead to Serious Illness
Bartonella henselae, the bacterium that causes Cat-Scratch Disease, is carried in the claws and mouth of infected cats and spreads through bites, scratches, or licks to an open wound.
Mumps Outbreaks Reported in School Systems of Three States
Mumps outbreaks have recently been reported within the school systems of three states: Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New York.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.