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FDA Approves First Test to Detect Zika Virus in Blood Donations
The FDA approves the first test designed to detect Zika virus in blood donations.
Top 5 <em>Contagion</em>® News Articles for the Month of September 2017
News about the Zika virus dominated our top articles for the month of September 2017. Did you read them all?
Investigators Learn More About How Zika Became a Serious Infection as CDC Deactivates Emergency Operations Center
As investigators learn a possible explanation for why the Zika virus causes such devastating effects, the CDC has deactivated their emergency operations center for the infection.
Is it Time to Consider Zika a Sexually-Transmitted Infection?
New research on Zika virus transmission leads some investigators to suggest that the virus should be labeled a sexually transmitted infection.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of September 17, 2017
In case you missed them, we've compiled the top 5 articles from this past week.
West Nile Cases Continue to Spring Up, Despite Mosquito Season Drawing to a Close
New cases of West Nile virus springing up around the country are a reminder that the virus can continue to cause new infections well into fall, as mosquitoes continue to stay active where it’s still warm.
Zika Virus News Update: Three New Things You Should Know
In this update, we cover the latest news this past week associated with the Zika virus.
Dozens of Viruses Can Be Detected in Human Semen
In a new study reviewing existing literature, researchers have found that more than 2 dozen viruses have been detected in human semen.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.