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First Report of Human Infected with Cattle Eyeworm
A recent report documents the first recorded case of a human infestation with the cattle eyeworm Thelazia gulosa.
Top Infectious Disease News of the Week—February 11, 2018
Stay up-to-date on the latest infectious disease news by checking out our top 5 articles of the week.
Philippines Halts Major Dengue Vaccination Program Because Vaccine May Increase Risk of Severe Disease
A panel of experts from the Philippines Department of Health finds that Sanofi Pasteur's dengue fever vaccine, Dengvaxia (CYD-TDV), may be connected with 3 deaths.
WHO Sets Disease Priorities for 2018; Tuberculosis Once Again Not Included: Public Health Watch
Infectious disease specialists and public health professionals in search of a to-do list for 2018 need look no further.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease: A Complex Issue
Recognition of chronic Lyme disease and the role of long-term antibiotic treatment for persistent symptoms continue to be controversial among researchers, providers, patients, and advocates.
Is Methotrexate the Best Co-Treatment for Chronic Arthritis Associated With Chikungunya?
A new systematic review of published research suggests that methotrexate could potentially be the best co-treatment option for chronic arthritis associated with the chikungunya virus.
Norovirus Outbreak Hits Winter Olympic Games
Following an outbreak of norovirus in Pyeongchang ahead of the Winter Olympics, health officials are taking steps to stem the outbreak and keep attendees healthy.
Bystander Activation of T Cells May Be Cause of Persistent Arthritis in Lyme Disease
A small portion of individuals with Lyme disease continue to have symptoms of arthritis long after treatment. Now, scientists think they have a better understanding of the cause of that lingering reaction.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.