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Minas Gerais Declares State of Emergency as Brazilian Yellow Fever Outbreak Rages On
A total of 22 cases of yellow fever have been confirmed in Minas Gerais since July 2017 and 15 of those individuals have died.
WHO Recommends Yellow Fever Vaccine Prior to Carnival
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended visitors to Sao Paulo, Brazil, should consider getting the yellow fever vaccine before visiting.
Rhesus Macaques in Florida Park Threaten to Spread Herpes B to Humans
New research suggests that the rhesus macaques residing in a popular Florida park should be considered a public health concern, as they harbor a virus that can be deadly if transmitted to humans.
Antibody Proves Promising Against Marburg Virus
The Marburg virus, a rare, but serious filovirus virus, is a zoonotic virus in which outbreaks are frequently triggered by interaction with the African fruit bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus.
Did Infections Caused by World War I Contribute to Causing World War II?
How many of those who recovered from WWI-associated infections had residual neurological impairments that increased their risk for violence?
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