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Top 5 Contagion® News Articles for the Week of June 18, 2017


#1: WHO Releases HPV Vaccine Recommendations 

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that all 3 vaccines—bivalent, quadrivalent, and nonavalent—are “comparable” when it comes to “immunogenicity, efficacy, and effectiveness” in cervical cancer prevention. When it comes to choosing which vaccine to use, WHO suggests taking “locally relevant data” into consideration as well as factors such as “the scale of the prevailing HPV-associated public health problem” and the “population for which the vaccine has been approved.” The cost and nature of the vaccination program should also be considered.
A 2-dose schedule—with 6 months in between doses—is recommended for those who are receiving their first dose of the vaccine before 15 years of age. However, a 2-dose schedule is also acceptable for those who are over 15 years of age at the time of the second dose. WHO recommends a 3-dose schedule—to be taken at 0, 1, 2, 6 months—for all individuals over 15 years of age receiving their first dose; this dosing schedule is also recommended for those who are under the age of 15, who are HIV-infected or are otherwise immunocompromised.
Read more about WHO’s recommendations here.
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