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US Investment in Global Health Security—A Good Return
In the dollars and cents of health security, funding towards the Global Health Security Agenda is a smart investment.
NIAID Sponsors Clinical Trials to Combat Future Pandemics of H7N9
The first reports of H7N9 infection amongst humans occurred in China in 2013.
South Africa Hit With Largest Ever <i>Listeria</i> Outbreak
The number of individuals infected with Listeria continues to grow in South Africa, as officials identify the source responsible.
Fake Hepatitis B Vaccines Found on the Market in Uganda
Falsified hepatitis B vaccines were discovered at 8 health facilities in Uganda.
Improving Access to Patient Care & Time to Viral Suppression Using HIV Rapid Entry Programs
Implementation of a rapid entry program decreased time to first provider appointment, time to initiation of ART, and time to viral suppression in the Southern United States.
D/C/F/TAF Achieves High Virologic Response Rates Consistent Across Age, Gender, & Race Subgroups in ART-Naive HIV Patients
D/C/F/TAF achieved high virologic response rates that were overall noninferior to the control D/C+F/TDF, as well as favorable bone and renal outcomes that were consistent across age, gender, and race subgroups in phase 3 AMBER trial.
Patient Registry Cuts Rates of Post-Splenectomy Complications
An Australian study found patients were better informed and more empowered when they signed up for a national registry of spleen disease patients.
Addressing High-Concern Pathogens and Familiar Threats
Maintaining consistent environmental cleaning and disinfection is critical to warding off emerging and re-emerging pathogens.
The new test can differentiate between Lyme disease and 7 other tick-borne diseases.