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HHS Tick-Borne Disease Working Group Begins Efforts Despite Controversies: Public Health Watch
The US Department of Health and Human Services Tick-Borne Disease Working Group held its first public meetings in Washington, DC, this week and it has already generated plenty of eye-grabbing headlines.
For US Homeless, Hepatitis A Persists
Five outbreaks of hepatitis A continue to beat down on several states; can addressing the homelessness crisis prevent future outbreaks from happening?
Study Examines the Impact of Delaying ART in Patients Diagnosed with HIV
A new study compares the long-term effects of combination ART (cART) initiation during primary HIV infection with therapy initiation during chronic HIV infection.
SIGA Technologies, Inc Submits NDA for First-Ever Oral Smallpox Treatment
Although deemed eradicated throughout the world in 1980 thanks to a protective vaccine, research on smallpox continues to this day given the potential for the highly contagious virus to be used in biological warfare.
No Change in Human-to-Human H7N9 Transmission Risk Over Time
Despite the increase in the number of human infections with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus during the fifth epidemic in China, a new study suggests no change in the risk of transmission of the virus among humans over time.
Early Warning Signs of Infectious Disease Outbreaks Appear on Social Media First
Predicting the next infectious disease outbreak may be possible by analyzing trends on Twitter and Google.
Study Finds No Benefit for HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Following ART Interruption
However, findings from the study may provide a roadmap for future analyses of immune-based interventions seeking to relieve HIV patients of the lifelong burden of daily medication intake and enhance viral suppression.
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