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Increase in Oral Sex Practices May Lead to Chlamydia-Associated Female Infertility
A new article urges researchers and clinicians to consider the possibility that the rise in oral sex practices could ultimately contribute to female infertility when it comes to chlamydia.
WHO Recommends Yellow Fever Vaccine Prior to Carnival
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended visitors to Sao Paulo, Brazil, should consider getting the yellow fever vaccine before visiting.
US Flu Season Hits Its Peak
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held a recent briefing on flu season as 49 states report widespread flu activity.
Fidaxomicin Vs. Vancomycin: What's More Effective for Treating <i>C. difficile?</i>
A recent study compares the effectiveness of a novel fidaxomicin therapy with vancomycin for the treatment of C. difficile.
NJ Department of Health Warns of Potential Measles Exposure at Newark Airport
The New Jersey Department of Health issued a public health alert, warning of potential measles exposure at Newark Liberty International Airport.
Tularemia and the Battle to Protect Against It
An uncommon disease, tularemia, can pose unique challenges for health security and response efforts.
Yelp Helps Identify Food-borne Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Researchers from Columbia University develop a surveillance system that uses Yelp reviews to identify and monitor food-borne illnesses.
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