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Is the US Prepared for The Next Flu Pandemic?
Pandemic influenza virus strains easily infect humans and spread from person-to-person in an efficient and sustained way. With no immunity to the novel virus and no vaccine to protect against it, what will the United States do?
Children's Hospital Benefits from Antibiotic Stewardship Program Limiting Carbapenem Use
Researchers in a pediatric hospital in Tokyo see positive results following the implementation of an antibiotic stewardship program limiting carbapenem use.
Group A <em>Streptococcus</em> Infection and Influenza Get New Point-of-Care Tests
New tests continue to evolve that offer greater sensitivity than current methods.
Flu Season Begins in the United States
Flu season has officially begun in the United States, as the first cases and deaths of the season are reported, prompting health officials to press for vaccination.
Multicenter Stewardship Initiative Reduces Antibiotic Use for Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Prolonged antibiotic use opens the door to the development of antibiotic resistance, superinfections, and the risk of Clostridium difficile infections.
Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy Prevents Whooping Cough Infection in 78% of Newborns
New data reveal that when pregnant women receive the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy, it can prevent whooping cough in about 78% of newborns; however, only about 50% of pregnant women receive the vaccine.
New Finding May Help Prevent Flesh-eating Group A <i>Streptococcus</i> Infections
A new discovery about Group A Streptococcus may lead to the development of a new vaccine or antibiotic to prevent flesh-eating infections.
How ART Affects HIV Patients with Cryptococcal Meningitis
Death rates among HIV-positive patients diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis were slightly lower when antiretroviral therapy was delayed a few weeks after diagnosis.
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