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Adhering to Standard for Sepsis Treatment Did Not Reduce Mortality

January 16th 2022

Implementation of CMS Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Management Bundle did not reduce mortality rates in study of 114 hospitals.

COVID-19 or the Flu? Identifying Similarities and Differences

January 15th 2022

Key signs and symptoms to help distinguish between the 2 respiratory illnesses.

RSV in Children with Influenza-Like Illness

January 14th 2022

A team of researchers sought to study the epidemiological characteristics of RSV in pediatric influenza-like illness cases.

Unvaccinated Pregnant People With COVID-19 Have Increased Risk of Poor Birth Outcomes

January 14th 2022

Even if they did not experience severe symptoms, unvaccinated people who contract COVID-19 while pregnant are more likely to have poor birth outcomes.

1 in 10 People May Still Have Infectious COVID-19 After 10 Days

January 14th 2022

Over 1 in 10 people may harbor infectious and transmissible COVID-19 virus after the recommended 10-day quarantine period.

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