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CDC Finds Recovery Common From Rare Vaccine-Related Myocarditis

October 2nd 2022

Largest extended study of outcomes after rare myocarditis from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines finds most recover and regain quality of life.

September's Top 5 Infectious Disease Stories

September 30th 2022

Catch up on Contagion's top stories from the month of September.

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters: Roadblocks, the Future, and Communicating the Benefits to Patients

September 30th 2022

“In the long run, what we will have is a virus that will become endemic in our population," said Donald J. Alcendor, MD. "The idea of thinking we can chase variants with boosters is a failed effort. We must realize that.”

CDC Updates Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Recommendations

September 30th 2022

The federal agency recommends using either PCV13 or PCV15 as part of a 4-dose series for pediatric patients between the ages of 2-59 months.

Shionogi Reaches Endpoint for Phase 3 COVID-19 Pill

September 29th 2022

The investigational therapy demonstrated time to first resolution of the five COVID-19 symptoms was significantly reduced in those treated with low dose of medication.

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