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Virus Spillover and Emerging Pathogens Pick Up Speed

April 12th 2021

Infectious diseases are emerging at an alarmingly rapid pace, faster than any other time in human history.

Meta-Analysis Links Classes of Antibiotics to Latrogenic C difficile Infections

April 12th 2021

Updated review and meta-analysis identifies the classes of antibiotics most strongly linked to healthcare facility-associated Clostridioides difficile infection.

50% of US Adults Expected to be Partially Vaccinated by End of Week

April 12th 2021

Despite a growing number of cases, millions gather in India for Hindu festival.

Looking at mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions

April 12th 2021

With millions of people vaccinated for COVID-19, A new study, collecting data from CDC's v-safe program, discusses reactions following mRNA-based vaccines.

Examining a Connection Between HIV, COVID-19, and Race

April 11th 2021

A recent study looked at the racial disparities amongst people living with HIV and COVID-19 positivity rates.

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