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CDC Report Shows Significant Breakthrough Cases in Massachusetts

July 30th 2021

The study found that ¾ of the cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.

Over Half of Parents May not Vaccinate Children for COVID-19

July 30th 2021

Reasons given for not vaccinating were safety issues and low risk for infection.

What Role Do Pharmacists Have in Vaccine Advocacy?

July 30th 2021

A conversation with Anna Legreid Dopp, Pharm. D.

Even for Fully Vaccinated, Masks are Back and Delta Variant Appears the Culprit

July 30th 2021

With new mask guidance comes questions and confusion, especially with the new strain of COVID-19 and those who have been vaccinated.

A Clinical Decision Support Strategy Boosted Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Hospitalized Children

July 30th 2021

A clinical decision support (CDS) strategy including a default influenza vaccine order for eligible patients, a nursing script using a presumptive strategy, and education for clinicians, was associated with significant improvement in vaccination rates among hospitalized children, a new study showed.

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