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Infectious Disease Update: This Week's Top 5 Stories

December 2nd 2022

With major updates in HIV, C difficile, hepatitis, yeast infections, and skin and soft tissue infections, this week's Infectious Disease Update has something for everyone.

Experimental HIV Vaccine Elicits Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

December 2nd 2022

A germline-targeting HIV vaccine candidate elicited broadly neutralizing antibodies in 97% of recipients.

Considering Criteria for Admission for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

December 2nd 2022

In episode 1 of this short video series, a clinician discusses what types of patients are best suited for inpatient or outpatient care for these infections.

Utilizing a Novel Modality to Treat Pulmonary Fungal Infections in Lung Transplant Patients

December 2nd 2022

Two patients at a hospital in Australia were administered Thin Film Freezing Voriconazole Inhalation Powder (TFF VORI), which showed treatment efficacy for both patients.

Lyme Disease Vaccine Shows Antibodies 6 Months after Completion

December 1st 2022

The investigational shot from Pfizer and Valneva demonstrated higher antibody levels in the three-dose vaccination schedule versus the two-dose vaccination schedule.

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