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Biden Administration Has 9-Point Plan to Combat Omicron

December 2nd 2021

The strategies address booster doses, travel, and rapid response.

HIV PrEP Use Among Heterosexual Adults Is Negligible, CDC Reports

December 2nd 2021

Only 1 in 3 heterosexually active adults is aware of HIV PrEP, and this is even lower among Hispanic/Latinx men and women.

HIV Prevention Plan in Namibia Shows High Prevalence of Risk Factors

December 2nd 2021

Study authors from the CDC found that girls in the sub-Saharan country of Namibia are at increased risk for HIV acquisition and also experience risk factors that make them eligible for HIV infection prevention programs.

First Omicron Case in the United States Reported

December 1st 2021

The first Omicron COVID-19 case was discovered in California. The patient, who traveled from South Africa, has since recovered.

Women Suffering from Lack of Uptake of Preferred HIV Medication

December 1st 2021

Even after it was confirmed safe, women living with HIV are neglecting to use the drug dolutegravir, potentially subjecting them to worse HIV treatment outcomes.

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