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Who is the Target Population for Cabotegravir?
Alex Rinehart, PhD, identifies the target population for cabotegravir.
Why is the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Project Important?
Jessica Justman, MD, shares why the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Project is so important.
Is Cabotegravir a Gender-Neutral PrEP Medication?
Alex Rinehart, PhD, explains how cabotegravir is a gender-neutral pre-exposure prophylaxis medication.
Societal Challenges Keep At-risk Individuals from Taking PrEP
Kenneth Mayer, MD, discusses some societal challenges that at-risk individuals face today that may keep them from taking pre-exposure prophylaxis.
What is the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Project?
Jessica Justman, MD, explains the PHIA Project (population-based HIV impact assessments).
How is Janssen's New HIV-1 Vaccine Regimen Unique?
Hanneke Schuitemaker, PhD, explains what makes Janssen’s new HIV-1 vaccine regimen unique.
What Makes Cabotegravir a Unique Medication for HIV?
Alex Rinehart, PhD, Director, Global Prevention Strategy, ViiV Healthcare, explains what makes cabotegravir a unique medication for HIV.
How Can Primary Care Providers Help Their Patients Decide if PrEP Is Right for Them?
Kenneth Mayer, MD, explains why primary care providers need to have a good sense of their patients in order to help them decide if PrEP is right for them.
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