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Infectious Disease Week

Select coverage from Infectious Disease Week is included below:

Recent Anti-Infective Trials Reviewed at ID Week 2017
Presenters combed through the barrage of clinical trials to share those that could be practice-changing for clinicians.
How Do You Prescribe for Patients with Beta-Lactam Allergies Without a Skin Test or Allergy Consult?
Christopher McCoy, PharmD, shares the protocol for approaching patients who may have a beta-lactam allergy.
Multicenter Stewardship Initiative Reduces Antibiotic Use for Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Prolonged antibiotic use opens the door to the development of antibiotic resistance, superinfections, and the risk of Clostridium difficile infections.
Nearly 10% of Americans with Candidemia have <em>Clostridium difficile</em> Co-infection
The message for clinicians is to be vigilant. Look for candidemia and C. difficile infection occurring together.
What Advantage Does Delafoxacin Have Over Other Fluoroquinolones?
Sue Cammarata, MD, explains the advantages that delafloxcin has over other fluoroquinolones.
The Use of Combination Antifungal Therapy is Not a Black and White Issue
Using combination antifungal therapy for invasive mold diseases is still a grey area that remains to be supported by robust data and relies heavily on clinician assessment.
ID Week 2017 Closing Plenary Provides Guarded Optimism for Coming Decades
Thoughts leaders believe infectious disease treatment is in the middle of a sea change, moving from antibiotics to antibodies.
What Is the Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratio?
Neil Fishman, MD, explains what the standardized antimicrobial administration ratio is.
Big advances in treatment can