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Strategies for Maintaining Adherence to PrEP
Ian Frank, MD, discusses strategies that individuals taking PrEP can use to maintain adherence to the daily regimen.
Determining the Burden of Candidemia in the US
Sharon Tsay, MD, explains why burden estimates for candidemia are needed.
<i>Candida</i> Epidemiology:  Non-<i>albicans</i> Infections Are On the Rise
Emily Ricotta, PhD, ScM, highlights the increase in non-albicans candidiasis, which tends to be more antibiotic resistan,t in both bloodstream and sterile-site infections.
Is Severe Influenza a Risk Factor for Aspergillosis?
Mitsuru Toda, MS, PhD, discusses research that discovered 94 patients who had invasive aspergillosis with influenza.
Advancements in the Field of Blood Culture Testing
Melvin Weinstein MD, discusses the emerging technologies that will advance the field of blood culture testing.
Penicillin Allergies: Debunking Myths
Julie Ann Justo, PharmD, discusses the myths associated with penicillin allergies and why it is important to determine a patient's true penicillin allergy-status.
Treating Immunocompromised Patients with Hepatitis B
Kenneth Sherman, MD, discusses hepatitis B infections in immunocompromised patients and what clinicians should expect to see in the future for hepatitis B treatment.
What's in a Name? Hashtags, Retweets, Links, Followers, and Twitter Chats
The vocabulary of Twitter and its application to antimicrobial stewardship programs.
Big advances in treatment can