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How COVID-19 Impacted Antibiotic Resistance | Dr. Debra Goff
Dr. Debra Goff describes the rush to "Just in Case" prescribing of antibiotics early in the COVID-19 pandemic, when less was known about the clinical course of the disease.
Lessons Learned from One of the Earliest American Cases of MIS-C
A pediatric cardiologist discusses the specifics of a case study, the importance of adaptability, and how her healthcare system has developed treatment protocols in these cases.
Addressing Hesitancy Before a COVID-19 Vaccine
What the AstraZeneca vaccine research pause meant for physician-patient discussion on vaccine candidate safety.
Avoiding Redundancy in Coronavirus Research
A health data analytics expert describes how repeat or low-value studies can arise amid the rush to publish pandemic research.
Do Pandemics Incentivize Cyclical Interest in Infectious Disease Funding, Research?
MediFind's Patrick Howie examines the consolidation of resources during pandemics amid concerns that funding will not return to other areas of health research.
The Harms of Vaccine Hesitancy
What we've seen non-immunized communities do for previously eradicated outbreaks.
Double Digit Decline in Infectious Disease Research During Coronavirus Pandemic
Incredible resources and effort have been put into the COVID-19 response, but other infectious disease priorities have also been displaced.

Patrick Howie, CEO of a firm which aggregates clinical analysis and data, explains.
Where Should We Target Limited Coronavirus Testing Resources?
University of Maryland professor of medical technology answers where limited testing resources ought to be directed given pandemic supply issues.