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Raj Bhopal: Herd or Human Immunity?
Raj Bhopal, BSc MD, MPH, addresses the nuances of competing ethical priorities societies face amid COVID-19, alongside political battles and terms like “herd immunity.”
A Naturally Occurring Peptide Might be Key to Preventing Respiratory Failure in COVID-19 Patients
RLF-100 is an investigational therapy granted an FDA IND this week and looks to treat moderate and severe cases of COVID-19.
The Sweden Question: Has Controversial Response Led to T-cell Mediated Immunity?
Patrick Soon-Shiong and Dr. Adam Brufsky have an open minded discussion on the dangers and potential lessons of the course Swedish health officials recommended the country take over the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
Peter Hotez Urges Against Overpromising Vaccine Timeline
Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, discusses the need to take a grounded approach when discussing plans for the introduction of vaccine immunity against COVID-19.
Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong: Cytokine or Cytopathic Storm?
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of ImmunityBio, initiates a conversation on the nature of the SARS-CoV-2 cytokine storm.
Comparing SARS-CoV-1 & -2
Adam Brufsky, MD, explains the insights years of research into SARS-CoV-1 may hold for SARS-CoV-2.
When the Cytokine Storm Hits COVID-19 Patients
A New York City cardiologist talks about the presentation of patients with severe COVID-19 who experienced this condition.
Keeping up with Patient Care During the COVID-19 Quarantine
Medha Munshi, MD, discusses the specific challenges of the quarantine and how she was able to help her patients with diabetes comply with their care.