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FDA Approves Expanded Indication for HIV Regimen Dolutegravir/Lamivudine
Dovato can now be used as a complete regimen for treatment of HIV-1 infection to replace an existing ART regimen in adults who are virologically suppressed.
The Sweden Question: Has Controversial Response Led to T-cell Mediated Immunity?
Patrick Soon-Shiong and Dr. Adam Brufsky have an open minded discussion on the dangers and potential lessons of the course Swedish health officials recommended the country take over the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
Symptom Screening Insufficient to Reopen Colleges Amid Pandemic

Will screening be based on symptoms alone? How accurate and fast must tests be?
Infectious Diseases Organizations Urge Coherent National Face Mask Policy
The letter was penned by IDSA President Thomas M. File, Jr., MD, MSc, FIDSA and HIVMA Chair Judith Feinberg, MD, FIDSA on behalf of their organizations.
FDA Grants IND for Inhaled Therapy for Patients with Moderate and Severe COVID-19
Investigational therapy, RLF-100, is being studied with the goal of preventing progression to respiratory failure.
Trial Suggests Vitamin D Supplementation Does Not Stop TB
Earlier research had suggested vitamin D supplementation might lower the risk of tuberculosis, but a new large, randomized trial contradicts those studies.
Peter Hotez Urges Against Overpromising Vaccine Timeline
Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, discusses the need to take a grounded approach when discussing plans for the introduction of vaccine immunity against COVID-19.
COVID-19 Rates in Kids are Higher in Minorities, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
This finding suggests large disparities in kids and echoes adult population positive rates.