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Outpatient Infection Control—Managing Microbial Transmission
As outpatient medical care becomes more common, are we forgetting the role of infection control?
Antibiotic Use Following Ventilation for RSV Linked to Shortened Clinical Courses
Antibiotic prescription following ventilation in children with RSV-LRTI was associated with a 1.21-day shorter duration of ventilation and a 2.07-day shorter length of hospital stay.
Hospital-Onset Sepsis Twice as Deadly as Community-Onset Sepsis, Study Finds
Hospital-onset sepsis is twice as deadly as community-onset sepsis and increases the risk of death 3-fold, according to the results of a cohort study comprising 2.3 million adult patients.
FDA Accepts NDAs for Oral and IV Lefamulin for Treatment of CABP
The FDA has accepted New Drug Applications for oral and IV formulations of Nabriva Therapeutics’ lefamulin for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.
FDA Approves Premixed Vancomycin Injection
The FDA has approved room temperature stable, premixed vancomycin injections, which will be available in ready-to-use bags.
Staying Ahead of the Curve: Implementing AUC-Guided Vancomycin Dosing
Evidence suggests AUC-guided vancomycin dosing is a safer method than traditional trough-guided dosing. 
Oral Antibiotics Non-Inferior to IV Antibiotics for Orthopedic Infections in OVIVA Trial
Although IV antibiotics have been the standard of care for bone and joint infections, a new study finds that oral antibiotics were non-inferior.
Many Health Workers in DRC Demonstrate Ability to Neutralize Ebola Virus
A new study reports that many health care workers had the ability to neutralize the Ebola virus, despite never exhibiting symptoms of infection.
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