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Addressing HIV Stigma in MSM
Why men who have sex with men face social hurdles in seeking PrEP and preventive education.
Evolving PrEP to Patient-Friendly Standards
How regional-based data and advancing preventive options could bolster individual HIV-risk care access.
FDA Cyclospora Outbreak Investigation: 500+ Cases Across 8 States
Mylan Pharmaceuticals also announced that a batch of daptomycin has been recalled due to contamination.
Bringing 2 to 4 Antibiotics for AMR to Market by 2030
Biopharmaceutical companies create nearly $1 billion fund to aid much needed pipeline for antimicrobial resistance.
Remdesivir: Gilead Touts Promising Coronavirus Outcomes Across Race & Ethnicity
Findings were announced during the special COVID-19 sessions of the virtual 23rd International AIDS Conference.
Possibility for C diff Spread in the Home Environment
While household transmission of C diff infection is low, there was increased incidence after a familial exposure.
DAA Therapy for Hepatitis C Is Associated With Lower Disease-Related Costs
This therapy is associated with lower disease-related costs after treatment, but the costs of other conditions may outweigh total cost reductions over time.
Scientists Warn of Greater Airborne Range for SARS-CoV-2
Over 200 scientists issued alert to medical community that COVID-19 is transmissible over longer distances via smaller aerosolized droplets.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?