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Experimental Antibody Infusions Shown to Suppress HIV for Up to 4 Months
In a new trial, an experimental antibody suppressed HIV in patients on short-term pause from their daily antiretroviral therapy regimens.
FDA Clears Early Sepsis Indicator
The Early Sepsis Indicator is hematology-based cellular biomarker designed to help emergency department physicians identify patients with sepsis or at an increased risk of developing sepsis. 
ID Consultation Associated With Reductions in ED Visits, Hospital Admissions, and Cost for OPAT Patients
This In the Literature piece details a study evaluating the effects of ID consultation for OPAT patients.
Can Gene Editing Tool CRISPR Dispense With HIV?
A study using monkeys provides an intriguing glimpse of the possibilities of using CRISPR gene editing technology to knock out HIV reserves in humans.
The Infectious Disease Physician Well Is Running Dry
A shortage of infectious disease physicians should have us all concerned and here's why.
Common Food Additive May Hinder Flu Vaccine Effectiveness
Could an additive in your food be messing with the immune process that helps you fight off the flu after receiving the influenza vaccine?
Burnout, Job Satisfaction High Among Infectious Disease Specialists: Public Health Watch
Open Forum Infectious Disease study highlights workplace issues within the specialty.
Tom van der Poll, MD, PhD: Biomarker Guided Therapies for Sepsis
Will biomarker-guided specific therapies the best option for treating sepsis in the future?
Big advances in treatment can't make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.