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Sepsis Treatment Trial Evaluates Vitamin C, Thiamine, and Steroid Combination
A recently launched clinical trials is investigating the use of an intravenous combination therapy including vitamin C for use in sepsis patients.
Preoperative Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Screening and Treatment Not Necessarily Tied to Better Postoperative Outcomes
Conducting preoperative urine cultures to identify and treat asymptomatic bacteriuria does not necessarily mean better postoperative outcomes, according to a new JAMA Surgery study.
Risk-Set Matching Cuts Bias in Estimating Effects of Hospital-Acquired Infections
Studies that do not consider time of infection may overestimate the impact of hospital-acquired infections on patient outcomes, according to the results of a new study.
<em>Cryptosporidium</em>: A Potentially Fatal Cause of Diarrhea in a Heart Transplant Recipient
Expanding the differential for diarrhea beyond Clostridium difficile.
De-Escalation in Under 48 Hours Reduces 90-Day <em>C difficile</em> Infection Incidence 3-Fold
A novel study from Seddon and colleagues adds to the body of evidence that supports what antimicrobial stewardship programs are so often challenged to do, early de-escalation.
Seven Days of Antibiotics Enough for Uncomplicated Bacteremia
Patients with uncomplicated gram-negative bacteremia respond just as well to a 7-day course of antibiotics as they do a 14-day regimen, according to a new study.
Study Outlines Machine-Based Model for Identifying Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Investigators use Salmonella strains to test accuracy and resistance.
A Look Into the Antimicrobial Stewardship Collaborative of South Carolina
Providers in other states can learn from this multiorganization collaborative that aims to improve antimicrobial utilization and prevent the emergence of antimicrobial resistance across South Carolina.
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