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FDA Grants Fast Track Designation for <i>C Diff</i> Treatment
FDA has granted Fast Track designation for ACX-362E, an investigational new treatment for C diff that is being developed by Acurx Pharmaceuticals, LLC.  
Drug-Resistant Surgical Infections in Mexico Fuel 'Medical Tourism' Fears in US
Health care providers in the US should be aware of an outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at a Mexico hospital where US residents frequently undergo invasive medical procedures.
Working to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance in Guatemala: Public Health Watch
Program supported by Atrium Health and Heineman Foundation looks to educate local physicians on proper prescribing, stewardship.
Patients with Neutropenia and Multidrug-Resistant Organisms Have Greater Overall Survival After Receiving Earlier Granulocyte Transfusions
Better rates of overall survival were seen when patients received granulocyte transfusions within 7 days of neutropenic sepsis.
NIAID Launches Trial Evaluating Long-Term Efficacy of FMT for Recurrent <i>C Diff</i>
To explore the long-term outcomes of treatment for recurrent C diff, NIAID has launched a new trial that will follow patients for 4 years to assess the safety of fecal microbiota transplants.
Cost, Discrimination Are Common Barriers to Malaria Prophylaxis Among US Travelers to West Africa
Focus group-based study reveals challenges in travel medicine among US-based visitors to the region.
Prescribed Opioid Use in Patients with HIV Tied to Elevated Pneumonia Risk
New evidence suggests that use of certain opioids may increase the risk of developing pneumonia, particularly in patients with HIV.
Insurer to Stop Denying Coverage Based on PrEP Usage, Following Discrimination Allegations
Mutual of Omaha will no longer deny coverage to individuals using PrEP for HIV prevention following allegations of discrimination in 2 separate legal settlements.
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