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FDA Fast Tracks 2 COVID-19 Vaccines
Pfizer and BioNTech were given approval by the federal agency to expedite their work on investigational vaccines.
Insights into Vesatolimod
Gilead provides some important information on this investigational therapy.
WHO Ebola Virus Disease Definitions Are Suboptimal, Study Shows
Ebola virus disease definitions from the World Health Organization definitions could be improved by including contact history and intense fatigue as a key symptom and excluding fever, a new study found.
'Warp Speed,' Without Cutting Corners on Safety
Efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine must not skip important steps during clinical evaluation, experts explain.
NSAIDS, Influenza Hospitalization, and Adverse Outcomes
Is there an association with adverse outcomes in patients hospitalized with influenza taking NSAIDS?
Addressing HIV Stigma in MSM
Why men who have sex with men face social hurdles in seeking PrEP and preventive education.
Evolving PrEP to Patient-Friendly Standards
How regional-based data and advancing preventive options could bolster individual HIV-risk care access.
FDA Cyclospora Outbreak Investigation: 500+ Cases Across 8 States
Mylan Pharmaceuticals also announced that a batch of daptomycin has been recalled due to contamination.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?