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Influx of <i>Cyclospora</i> Cases Could Be Linked with McDonald's Salads
Over 100 individuals have been infected with Cyclospora across 2 states potentially stemming from salads sold at McDonalds restaurants.
NDM Bacteria Transmission Observed Between Dogs and Humans for First Time
Transmission of New Delhi-metallo- ß-lactamase producing multidrug-resistant ST167 E. coli observed between 2 Finnish dogs and 1 human in 2015.
Improving Mass Casualty Management: the Role of Radiation Biodosimetry
How would you test patients for radiational exposure in a crisis?
Sexual Behavior and Substance Use Can Affect Gut Microbiome
New research confirms that substance use and certain sexual practices among men who have sex with men may alter gut flora in ways that can have health consequences.
Pertussis Vaccine Administered After 1995 Induces Weaker Recall Immune Response
A new study observed that the type of pertussis vaccine used to prime the immune system in childhood has a lasting effect on an individual’s future immune response.
Chagas Surveillance Rare Among US States, CDC Report Finds
A new CDC report finds most states don’t track Chagas disease, but the agency says states should consider doing so if they have a large population of immigrants from countries where the disease is endemic.
HIV Vaccine Candidate Produces Robust Immune Response in Healthy Adults
An experimental HIV-1 vaccine regimen reportedly produced immune responses against HIV in humans and rhesus monkeys.
New Study Examines Public Fears During Disease Outbreaks
Researchers studying how pregnant women in the United States responded to the Zika virus outbreak of 2015-2016 emphasize the need to manage stress and fear during disease outbreaks.
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