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Double Digit Decline in Infectious Disease Research During Coronavirus Pandemic
Incredible resources and effort have been put into the COVID-19 response, but other infectious disease priorities have also been displaced.

Patrick Howie, CEO of a firm which aggregates clinical analysis and data, explains.
West Nile Virus: Can Climate Change Cause Mosquito Migration?
Study suggests climate change may shift which areas in the US have optimal temperatures for West Nile virus transmission.
COVID-19 Vaccine Willingness: 69% Would Get It
A survey from The Ohio State University shows a majority of Americans would get an approved vaccine.
ERS Studies Highlight Long-Term Effects of COVID-19
COVID-19 patients require supervised pulmonary rehabilitation to recover ERS researchers say.
Lockdowns: Should They Continue?
When lockdowns are done haphazardly, questions arise about whether they should continue. 
How Has the COVID-19 Response Impacted People Living in Slum Neighborhoods?
Lockdowns implemented for pandemic control have broad health, social, and economic consequences. This is especially true for people who live and work in slum communities around the world.
Where Should We Target Limited Coronavirus Testing Resources?
University of Maryland professor of medical technology answers where limited testing resources ought to be directed given pandemic supply issues.
International Coronavirus 'Lockdown' Encroaches on Tuberculosis Epidemic Control
Though it may be associated with the past in popular culture, tuberculosis is still the world’s most fatal infectious disease, killing an estimated 1.5 million people each year.