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Changes in Recommendations for Diagnosis, Disease Severity, and Treatment of <em>C difficile</em> Infection in the 2017 Update to the IDSA/SHEA Clinical Practice Guidelines
The updated guidelines recommend targeting those with active infection and avoiding treatment of “carriers” of C difficile who are colonized but not symptomatic.
Managing Reluctant Antibiotic Stewards: Advice From an ID Physician and an ID Pharmacist
Although challenging, it is not impossible to change some outlier behaviors.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
The rise of ID pharmacy as a profession has been complementary to services uniquely offered by ID physicians, not in competition with them.
Cutting the Drug Development Red Tape
MJH Associates, Inc & the FDA are both committed to eliminating inefficiencies and hype to deliver the most timely and relevant information to health care providers.
Study Shows Sulfonamide Antibacterials Capable of Reversing Azole Resistance in <em>Candida albicans</em>
Preliminary studies provide convincing evidence for the synergistic use of sulfonamide agents with azole antifungals.
New Research Reinforces Efficacy of Plazomicin
Research presented at the 2018 ASM Microbe Meeting has reinforced the value of the just-approved next-generation aminoglycoside antibiotic, plazomicin, in treating multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.
It Takes Two to TANGO With a Carbapenemase
Because of the global rise in antimicrobial resistance, meropenem-vaborbactam, the first carbapenem/β-lactamase combina­tion medication, is a welcome new antibac­terial.
Flu Season 2017-2018: A Look at What Happened and What's to Come
Experts continue to recommend that people get the seasonal flu vaccine as the scientific community works toward a universal vaccine offering lifelong protection against multiple strains. 
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