A Unique Device That Aids in Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Tend, a startup company, has developed its Gut Microbiome Collect and Prep (CAP) to enable a standardized method for stool (microbiome) encapsulation for the procedure.

Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) has become an emerging modality for patients suffering from recurrent C diff. Some studies have shown FMT of healthy donor stool into a sick patient, is highly effective, demonstrating the procedure can resolve 80-90% of infections caused by recurrent C diff.

The most common procedure to deliver FMT is via colonoscopy followed by nasogastric tube and enema. Encapsulation is a more convenient and less invasive way to deliver FMT.

However, there is not a standardized method for stool (microbiome) encapsulation. The process is time consuming and inefficient to the point that its availability to patients can be limited and doesn’t allow comparison of results and data among the different studies as every lab or provider has its own preparation procedure.

One company, Tend, has developed its Gut Microbiome Collect and Prep (CAP) device to standardize stool encapsulation for FMT. The startup announced the initiation of clinical studies for the device back in March.

Contagion spoke to Tend CMO and Co-Founder Tom Lendvay, MD, who provided some insights about the device, the new study, the company’s new relationship with Massachusetts General Hospital, and how the device can help FMT overall.