An End In Sight for C Difficile?


At the C Diff Foundation Conference, promising investigational modalities and therapies, as well as better treatment approaches are all being discussed in hopes of some real inroads being made in this field in the near future.

The 9th Annual International C. Diff Conference & Health EXPO Conference Co-Chair and Keynote Speaker Paul Feuerstadt, MD, FACG, AGAF, attending gastroenterologist, PACT Gastroenterology Center, makes the point that there are reasons to be optimistic about C Difficile (CDI) treatment and preventing recurrent CDI. “We are at the precipice of greatness with C Difficile right now; it is such an exciting time.”

Feuerstadt points to the product pipeline and the promising study data being discussed at the conference.

Feuerstadt says the variety of C diff stakeholders attending the conference brings together researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, other health-related providers, and patients to discuss the latest findings and their perspectives with the hope of shedding light on this debilitating infection. “The diversity of the conference is a true strength.”

Feuerstadt will be leading a group discussion at 1:00pm EDT today titled, 2021 Guidelines: A Path Forward”? They will be discussing the updated IDSA/SHEA treatment guidelines.

In a wide-ranging interview, Feuerstadt offers further insights into the various antibiotics and microbiota modalities being presented at the conference, and provides a large picture perspective of the state of C difficile in 2021.

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